Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Buckskins win

Thirty years. If you keep your eyes open, you see a lot of stuff in 30 years.

But what I witnessed Friday night, was something I've never seen before.

I try to spin things in a positive manner, I really do, especially in this space. But I can't.

I hope that this gets printed out and hung in the locker room for motivation. Because we could certainly use some.

There's going to be a lot of numbers in this article. Because that's what I know. Numbers.

Seven minutes and 16 seconds. There's not a lot of things you can do that quickly.

What did Conestoga Valley's football team do in that amount of time?

They rolled up 384 yards of offense. They found time to convert 15 first downs. And they scored 63 points.

Those would have been great numbers for a game. But that was just in the first half. While having the ball less than 8 of the 24 first half minutes.

Seven times in 30 years has someone put up 60 plus points on Ephrata. Six times courtesy of Manheim Central, once in 2010 by Wilson. I witnessed all but one of those, including the 0-63 game at Wilson. The Bulldogs scored with under 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter for their 63rd point. Another did-you-know? In 2010 the Mounts were in Section 1.

The Barons scored 61 points three times against the Mounts (1998 61-13, 2005 61-0, 2008 61-14). In 2001 they won 63-13, in 2009 they did it 64-23, and last year they won 65-0 (that's the one I missed).

I didn't dig into the archives to find the boxscore from 2001, but if I know Mike Williams I'll guarantee it included a bunch of 2nd half scores, and I'll bet half were through the air.

EDIT: Ok I felt weird not checking the archives. In 2001 the Barons scored twice in the 3rd quarter, and to their credit, both were on the ground.

In 2009 the Barons scored three times in the fourth quarter, including a 65 yard pass play.

In 2013 the Barons scored three times in the fourth quarter, including a 56 yard pass play.

The Buckskins hung up 63 points ... by halftime. It happened so quickly you didn't even have time to think that they might be running up the score.

It reminded me of the time I was at Keith Delaney's house to watch Mike Tyson (in his prime) fight. We went downstairs to get the pizza from the Roma delivery man, and before we got back upstairs the fight was over.

The pizza (extra cheese, sausage, and onion) remains memorable.

And with 9:30 left in the fourth quarter, CV (who didn't pass the ball the entire 2nd half, and used over 11 different running backs) added one more score to make it 70. If the Mounts punished anyone on Friday night, it was the Buckskins cheerleading staff who they forced to do 385 total pushups.

70 points allowed. Never saw it before in 30 years.

We've reached the bottom of the barrel, and I'm afraid it's cracked.

Still here? Want the boxscore from Friday's 0-70 contest? Have at it.